Sailing from Pärnu


Yacht Blueflag invites you to sail! Ordering: tel 372 51 033 73
A stylish and active holiday in summer Pärnu.
Up to 11 people can board.

The captain is always with you!
Welcome on board!

You untie the ends and set course between the piers… Sailboats swinging along the harbour quays, the breeze whipping in the masts, high and higher… The reefs and blocks of your sailboat gleam in the sun, the deck is warm, the bow cuts the water as it melts…. You pass by a fisherman who has been standing in the water fishing since the night before, wave hello to a pilot boat that is returning to port and is rocking your sailboat in its wake…. Watch the birds hovering over the mast, the walkers on the mules… You can already feel the sea breeze in your ears… You wave to the children climbing on the last stones of the pier and set course into the wind….
A little basket of goodies for Vetevana… , I’m coming…