Yacht Charter Rules


The sea has its own laws.

►As is the law on any decent ship and for your safety, the captain’s orders must be obeyed. We can of course discuss them after the ride.

►On each trip, the captain will give you some tips to keep in mind.

►You always have to hold on to something when you’re out on the water. You’re capable, but caution is never too much.

►Lifejackets are mandatory for children and recommended for adults. These are available on the yacht.

►Keep an eye on your children throughout the trip.

►Wear light-soled sports shoes on the yacht.

►Wearing socks or walking barefoot on the boat deck while sailing is not recommended.

►The climate is volatile. Bring sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat, warm clothes even if it seems excessive.

►Alcohol in moderation is allowed on the yacht, but not mandatory. Red wine is not suitable for Yacht Charter.

►Keep the sea clean, there is a place for litter on the yacht.

►For the best yacht charter experience, take part in everything you can. The skipper will be grateful if you can assist with untying, mooring, and other maneuvers.

►Your cheerful disposition contributes to a good mood!